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Steam Link and Controller shipping to Australia now!

Michael Brown  December 27 2015 07:15:10 PM
... and possibly in other countries too.

I’ve been after one of Valve’s new Steam Link devices and one of their Steam Controllers for ages now.  It was initially released in the USA only and whenever I open Steam, it always says “Coming soon”.  The official release date for Australia is supposed to be Feb 2016.

So I was quite surprised when I came across a forum comment (can’t remember which forum now) where an Aussie user said he'd simply ordered a Steam Link from hardly ever ships electrical or techie stuff to Australia, so I assumed that he must have used a third party mailing service, such as ShipItTo or PriceUSA, to get around Amazon’s geographical restrictions.

But he didn’t.  I know because I just ordered one myself!  I have a shipping confirmation and an arrival date of Jan 11 for one Steam Link and one Steam Controller.  As part of the Amazon order I was also emailed activation codes for 1 copy of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and 1 copy of Left 4 Dead 2, yes, they worked.  Well, the Counter-Strike one did.  I already had Left 4 Dead 2.  I don’t know if these codes are transferable to another Steam subscriber.

  I’ll post a review  of both items when I’ve tested them out.