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Citrix GeoTrust error on Macintosh

Michael Brown  October 27 2014 04:23:12 AM
Sometime in the last few days my Citrix login for work has stopped working on my home Macintoshes.  (Presumably, it still works on Windows; I haven't tried!)  The error I get is:  You have not chosen to trust "GeoTrust DV SSL CA", the issuer of the server's security certificate.
GeoTrust Citrix error on Macintosh
Quite right: I haven't trusted GeoTrust DV SSL CA because I've never heard of it before!

In order to work around this problem, what I needed to do was install the missing certificate into my Macintosh Keychain application.  Here's how you do this:

  1. First, you need to download the certificate itself from

  2. Open the Macintosh Keychain application.  Type "keychain" in Spotlight Search to quickly find and open it.

  3. Within the Keychain app, make sure you have "System" highlighted under the "Keychains" section, and then "Certificates" highlighted under the "Category" section.

  4. Click on File->Import Items from the main Keychain menu.  Go and fine the .cer file that you saved in Step 1.  You'll need an admin password to actually import it.

That's it.  You should now see the GeoTrust DV SSL CA in our list of Keychain certificates, like so:
GeoTrust Certificate in Macintosh Keychain

Many thanks to Peter Rowden on 24sevenIT for this info.  What I've posted here is really just a rewrite of his post there.  He's also hosting the GeoTrust certificate on that site.