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Array.prototypemove - another new npm package

Michael Brown  March 9 2016 02:18:25 AM
That's my fourth npm package, for anybody counting!

It adds an Array method (to the Array's prototype, yikes!) that allows you to move an element of that array from one index to another.


The syntax is:

myArray.move(moveFromPosition, moveToPosition)

  • `myArray` is your array.  It can be an array of objects, as well as an array of primitives (strings, numbers etc).
  • `moveFromPosition` is the index of the array element that you want to move, where zero is the first element.
  • `moveToPosition` is the index of the array where you want the element that you're moving to end up.

Example 1:

var simpleArray = ["Han Solo", "Luke Skywalker", "C3P0", "R2D2"];
simpleArray.move(3, 0);

will move R2 to the start of the array.

The method will also accept negative numbers for either of the "move" variables.  In that case, -1 is the last element of the array, -2 is the next to last element, and so on.

Example 2:

var simpleArray = ["Han Solo", "Luke Skywalker", "C3P0", "R2D2"];
simpleArray.move(0, -1);

will move Han to the end of the array.


Installation and import instructions are on the package's npmjs page.


Taken from Reid's accepted answer from the most popular stackoverlow post on this topic.  All credit goes to Reid.  I've not changed his code at all.  I merely packaged it up and put it into npm.

I was inspired to do so by the author of very similar npm package, in a kind of backhanded way!  When I pointed out, via his Github repository, that I was having a problem with his package, he behaved like an ignorant arsehole.  He insisted that it couldn't possibly be his package, and how dare I even suggest such a thing!  Then locked the comments on my bug report, so he didn't have to trifle with trash like me any further.  The irony is, I now think that he was probably right about his package: I don't think the fault was there, after all.  But I couldn't tell him that, of course, because he'd locked the comments.  Well screw him.  I've got my own package now!