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Get Notes Calendar on your iPhone without Traveler

Michael Brown   February 23 2011 01:26:33 AM

Obviously, using the likes of Traveler is the best and easiest way to do this, but if your company hasn't invested in that, then you will have to explore alternatives.  Here's how I've done it; it's a bit of long way around, but it works.

Basically, I use Google Calendar as an intermediary between my Notes (Windows) PC client and my iPhone.  So, there's two stages to this: 1) set up sync between your Notes Calendar and your Google Calendar, then 2) setup a sync between your Google Calendar and your iPhone Calendar.

1) Sync Your Notes Calendar to Google Calendar

I use a piece of software called Awesync for this.  It's only 20 USD and there's a 30 day free trial available.  Once installed, you can set Awesync to sync with your chosen Google Calendar on a scheduled basis.

Awesync runs on the client, not on the server.  So, if your PC is swtched off, there's not going to be any synching going on.  (You don't need to be logged into Lotus Notes though.)

2) Sync Your Google Calendar with Your iPhone Calendar

You don't need to buy any extra software to do this; the functionality to set this up is built right into your iPhone.  There's plenty of online guides for how to do this, but Google's own guide is as good as any.

The trick to setting it up on a scheduled basis, as you'll see on the Google guide, is that you have to go through the Microsoft Exchange option.  This completely threw me at first; so much so that I though the Google guide must be wrong!  "What's Exchange got to do with this?" I thought.  Surely, you have to go through the Google Mail option on your iPhone?

Well, no you don't.  Hold your nose and select the Exchange option, and follow the rest of the Google guide to get your Google Calendar synching with the iPhone.

With both pieces of the puzzle in place, you should now be getting your Notes Calendar on your iPhone.  You may have to tweak the schedules in Awesync, and also the schedule and/or push options in the Gmail/Exchange config on your iPhone to get the update frequency to your liking.

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