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Citrix remote desktop (RDP) on a Macintosh

Michael Brown   February 5 2010 02:35:43 AM
You probably know that there's a full Citrix client for the Mac (and Linux for that matter) but I've always had a real problem when I used the Mac version of Remote Desktop (RDP) to remotely login to my work desktop.  The problem was that I could never enter my password correctly, and I couldn't work out why.  I could always enter it correctly on the Windows and Linux versions of Citrix RDP but not on the Mac.  I've actually ended up locking myself out of Windows several times because of this, and then had to ring the IT helpdesk to reset the password.

Finally, this week, I found the problem: by default, the Shift key on the Mac doesn't work properly.  And because my Windows password (for my work desktop that I'm logging into) contains a character that needs the Shift key to type, there was no way I could ever enter it properly.

Here's the solution to the problem.

When you get to the RDP dialog (below) click on the Options button:

RDP Login dialog

Click on the Local Resources tab and switch the Keyboard drop-down to say
"On the local computer".

RDP Login options dialog

Your Mac Shift key should now work properly with Citrix Remote Desktop.

1anand  08/17/2012 8:36:24 AM  Citrix remote desktop (RDP) on a Macintosh

while choosing which computer to connect to i dont see options at all .. do you know what are the alternatives here?

2N  05/14/2013 8:19:34 AM  Citrix remote desktop (RDP) on a Macintosh

you wouldn't beleive how long ive been looking for a solution for this problem... couldn't believe how simple it was... thanks!!!

3KG  01/13/2016 8:21:39 PM  Citrix remote desktop (RDP) on a Macintosh


I am El Capitan and the solution you presented is not working for me.

Citrix receiver v12.1.0