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The Oscar Nominations for 2010 - how depressing

Michael Brown   February 3 2010 06:56:46 PM
The 2010 Oscar nominations have just been announced, and I, for one, can contain my excitement.

Moon was, by some distance, the best film that I saw last year, and it's criminal the way that it's been overlooked.  It's not been nominated in a single category.  In any fair world, it would be up for Best Picture, and Sam Rockwell would be up for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor. (You'll have to see the film to get that one!)

Avatar is being tipped to sweep the board.  Now, I've loved James Cameron's other films, including Titanic, but Avatar was shit-boring. It doesn't matter how amazing a film looks if you know everything that's going to happen after you've watched the first ten minutes.

At least District 9, which was second-favourite from last year, has picked up a few nominations, including Best Picture, not that it's got a prayer of winning that.


Der!  How could I forget the Damned United?  Michael Sheen - he of Frost/Nixon and the Queen - might just be the best actor on the planet today, but no sniff of an Oscar for him.  And the film itself is just so damned English - "it's about English Soccer in the 1970s, right?" -  that it was never going to register with the Academy.  

1Gregg Eldred  02/02/2010 9:10:53 PM  The Oscar Nominations for 2010 - how depressing

I am happy to see The Hurt Locker get nominated, but I think that it has no chance of winning, as it is up against the freight train that is Avatar.

My review of The Hurt Locker:

{ Link }

While we have District 9 on DVD, I have yet to see it. I'll make a point of watching it in the next few days. As for Avatar, I've not seen it. Not sure if I will, either. 2-3/4 hours is a long time to sit in a movie.

2Mike Brown  02/03/2010 12:02:32 AM  The Oscar Nominations for 2010 - how depressing

I've not seen the Hurt Locker yet, but it's on my list of films to see.