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Downloading the Notes 8.5 Ubuntu Client from Passport

Michael Brown   April 2 2009 04:12:11 PM
This ought to be a lot easier than it is.

Log into passport and click on the Download finder link, and you'll be presented with a software preferences screen.  This will vary depending upon what products your company has licensed.

So, what's the difference between "IBM Lotus Notes with Collaboration" and "IBM Lotus Notes with Messaging"?  Surely Notes is Collaboration and is Messaging?  Whatever; I select the "Collaboration" option and Continue to the next screen.

Here's where the real fun starts.  There are six Linux options in the list above but not one of them says "Ubuntu".  By a process of elimination, I select "Linux for System x 86Series".  I have no idea what "System x" might be, but I'm guessing that the "86" refers to Intel 8086-based processors, which are the ancestors of the processors used in nearly all PCs today.  So I select that one and set my Language to "English" and then Continue to the next screen.

The criteria that I entered above has narrowed me down to "IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Multiplatform English eAssembly(CR89GEN)".  That sounds promising, but I can't click on Download just yet.  If I do that, it will start downloading a cool 10 Gig of data!  (I nearly did it once.)  Clicking on the entry's "+" icon shows me why this is:

Yep, every possible client and server is here, including Windows and Macintosh clients: over 30 sub-options in all.  Now remember that I chose "IBM Lotus Notes with Collaboration" as my first download criteria and "Linux for System x 86Series" as my second, so what is all this other stuff doing here?  (Yes, I know that Macs run on Intel processors now, but there was a separate "Mac OS X" option in the platform selection screen and I did not tick it.)

I deselect all of these sub-options by unticking the checkbox next to "IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 Multiplatform English eAssembly(CR89GEN)".  I now need to find the Ubuntu installer.  I type Ubuntu into the Firefox seach bar and get the "not found" beep.  That's right: none of these installers has the word "Ubuntu" anywhere in their name.  The closest match that I can find is "IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 for Linux (Debian Install) English(C1W0TEN)".  I think that most people trying to find this download would know that Ubuntu is based upon Debian, which is just as well, because they'll be screwed if they don't know that.  Just to be sure though, I click on the View Details link next to this entry, but the entry's information screen actually says the following:
                Platform(s): Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop(SLED)

Still no mention of Ubuntu, nor even of Debian this time!  This is plain wrong: neither Red Hat or SUSE is based upon Debian.  They both use .RPM installation packages rather than the .DEB packages used by Debian-based distributions.

However, "IBM Lotus Notes 8.5 for Linux (Debian Install) English(C1W0TEN)" is the correct Notes 8.5 client installer for Ubuntu.  I can confirm it because I've downloaded it and installed it.

1John Dillon  04/01/2009 6:23:17 PM  Now I Understand

Ah, now I understand why I couldn't figure the danged thing out!

I did manage to get Domino 7.02 to run as a server on an Ubuntu box once, but can't duplicate it when I tried to do it again.

Still, it was pretty cool while it lasted. It was on a ten-year-old Pentium with 256 MB of RAM, running as an Ubuntu client, a print server, a web server, and a Domino server. Amazing!

2Mike Brown  04/01/2009 11:22:06 PM  Downloading the Notes 8.5 Ubuntu Client from Passport


I'm guessing that you used alien to convert the RPMs to DEB files. I did that to install the 8.0.x versions of the client on Ubuntu. (Ubuntu support itself only came in with 8.5 client, although you'd be hard pushed to work that out by reading IBM's Passport site!)


- Mike